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Nubia Cosmetics naturally nourishes, refreshes and enhances melanin-rich skin.

We exist to give our community a sense of identity. Our products and services reflect our values of self-love, community service and hope as well as our common heritage.


Nubia Cosmetics was founded by Kadesha Alleyne, a Master Aesthetician and Cosmetologist from Barbados, out of love for her skin.

From the time Kadesha was a young girl her uncle encouraged her to love herself through a healthy respect for her skin. He would say to her, “Remember you are a Nubian Princess. Don’t bleach your skin. Love yourself”. Now, as a grown woman, Kadesha is on a mission to spread the importance of self-love through love of skin


Our mission is to help people throughout the world who have melanin-rich skin celebrate who they are without apology.

Nubia offers women, men and children a full range of skin-care products and associated services as doorways to becoming the best possible versions of themselves. While our products can be used by everyone who wants healthier and more vibrant skin, our products have been specially formulated to tackle the challenges that come with having that rich chocolaty goodness we call melanin.

Our products are natural, cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly, recyclable, affordable and, most important of all, specially formulated for the full array of skin types!