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Caring for Melanin-rich Skin: Here’s what you should know

Caring for Melanin-rich Skin: Here’s what you should know

People of colour have historically been ignored by traditional cosmetic/beauty companies. 

Many of them ignored the fact that melanin-rich skin needs specific treatments and care. Instead, people with melanin-rich skin were often told that, "Skin is skill" and "All skin is equal" so there's no need for separate product lines catering to melanin-rich skin.

This tone-deaf assertion poses the question: Do people with melanin-rich skin need unique treatment to have the best care for their skin? Today, we explore why the answer to that question is YES and everything you need to know about caring for melanin-rich skin.

What is melanin?

Melanin is a pigment responsible for the variety of skin tones, eye colour and hair colour. It also provides protection against harmful UV rays. Levels of melanin vary from person to person and are usually decided by genetics. However, melanin levels can be influenced by a few different factors; the most obvious being exposure to UV light (usually the sun). This is one of the reasons many people experience their skin becoming darker in the sun. This is due to he amount of melanin they have in their body has increased.

Does melanin have any benefits?

Besides giving those with darker skin tones their amazing colour – Yes! Having higher melanin levels does have many other amazing benefits:

  • It offers substantial protection against UV rays. Meaning if you have darker skin, you are more likely to be afforded protection against the sun and less likely to get sun burn.
  • Melanin also demonstrates antioxidant activity by scavenging for reactive oxygen species produced via UV light damage. Without intervention from protective compounds like antioxidants, these ROS contribute to oxidative stress, which causes significant cellular damage.
  • It is thought that melanin affords some protection for our organs including liver and intestines.

Caring For Melanin-rich Skin

Melanin-rich skin has its own specific concerns— among them, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, eczema, and excess oil production. So, we need to explore ways or caring for melanin-rich skin.

As no skincare is universal, it can be effected from all sorts of factors. Starting with race and genetics; including the weather where you live, your typical diet and a whole lot else.

Caring for melanin-rich skin isn’t easy. As we discussed, the big cosmetics brands tend not to produce products that cater to these issues.

We at Nubia, know how crucial it is to have quality products that specifically cater to melanin-rich skin. While all skin requires good care, that care must be matched with products suited for the skin type. Melanin-rich skin is its own skin type with its own list of treatment needs.

For a start, melanin-rich skin actually has more layers than lighter skin tones.

What does this mean in practical terms? For effective melanin skin hydration, you require formulations that penetrate deeper through the various skin layers. Odds are, most people of colour using typical skincare products are undernourishing their skin. 

Our 3 in 1 serum, penetrates deep through the skin layers while reducing redness and hyperpigmentation. If you live in winter climates, your skin will have to go through the hardships of the cold and it can take its toll. The cold can impair the skin barrier and lead to water loss. This will make hydration more important than ever during this time.

Make sure to use a high quality hydrating serum, like our 3 in 1 serum, if you want to have your skin looking its best.

Acne, Flaking and Hyperpigmentation

Several issues typically affect those with melanin-rich skin more often than others.

Melanin-rich skin, often contains high lipid content leaving it highly susceptible to acne; and, as we know, acne can be catastrophic for skin with higher levels of melanin.

A combination of a healthy diet and lifestyle mixed with a skincare routine that includes products with ingredients that normalise your skin’s microbiome is really important.

Melanin-rich skin is also known to flake more than lighter prototypes, meaning it can be prone to dullness. Using a high-quality moisturiser can be a preventative measure. Of course, we recommend using our honey hydration face wash which gently cleans skin while providing deep and penetrating hydration!

A few more important details about melanin-rich skin!

Firstly, to avoid skin flaking, you need to use products which are kind and sensitive to your skin. This is something which the traditional cosmetic companies often fail to provide, 

Secondly, caring for melanin-rich skin means being gentle. Melanin responds to manual aggression by producing sebum and more melanin which can lead to hyperpigmentation and non-hormonal acne. So make sure you use sensitive products, like the ones we provide at Nubia Cosmetics, and when using them – be gentle.

Love your skin and your skin will love you! One of the greatest things about having melanin-rich skin is that has more robust elastin and collagen and that means it you look after it, you’re less likely to see wrinkles and other signs of ageing until you are older.

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